Parenting Questions? Benefit from a Free Parenting Session with Dr. Jeff Gersten

February 24, 2015

Upload: February 24, 2015


Parenting can be daunting task. Whether you are expecting, a new parent or a seasoned vet, you can benefit from a FREE parenting session with founder of the Gersten Center for Behavioral Health, Dr. Jeffrey Gersten.

As a parent of 9, with over 15 years of family-focused experience, a 30minute session with Dr. Gersten can help:

  • ¬†Establish a healthy Parent-Child relationship.
  • Teach effective parenting skills.
  • Instill effective Communication Skills with you child or teen.
  • Encourage effective discipline.
  • Help you manage the stress of being a new or frustrated parent.

Call us direct at 708-487-0319 to schedule your free session today.

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