Here are some introductory concepts regarding various types of therapeutic services that are available at GCBH. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the many resources found throughout our website. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Individual Therapy

Online Therapy | Couples Counseling | Therapy | Chicago IL | Evanston ILIn Individual Therapy clients work one-on-one with a therapist to gently challenge routine approaches toward demanding aspects of daily life. It is here that clients are often encouraged to learn new ideas that bring about increased self-awareness and internal resiliency. Individual therapy is a collaborative effort between the client’s experience and the therapist’s approach; it takes time to develop, and may evolve as the client’s needs arise. This process is meant to empower clients and to help them improve their baseline management of stress, anger, forgetfulness, confusion, and pain, amongst other common challenges. It is here that various therapeutic objectives are customized to meet the client’s specific needs in efforts to produce improved and sustained cognitive, behavioral and emotional results.

Couples Counseling

Online Therapy | Couples Counseling | Therapy | Chicago IL | Evanston ILIn Couples Counseling both partners work together to alleviate the challenges of their relationship alongside their therapist. In these pairings, therapists must factor the needs of both clients equally in order to create new opportunities for the client relationship to develop. A couple may be frustrated with differences in financial priorities, incongruent cultures and religious beliefs, unmet sexual desires, fractured communication styles, inefficient support networks, varying parental techniques, medical concerns, and imbalances of domestic responsibilities to name a few. In each case, the therapist tends to both of the client’s varying perceptions and emotional needs while assessing how to better join the pair’s unified objectives. Couples therapy incorporates a greater awareness of self amongst both clients in order to reveal the impact of each member upon the couple as a whole. This form of therapy seeks to install a mastery of communication skills that help to build a stronger emotional and functional bond between both partners based upon trust and unified decision-making.

Family Therapy

Online Therapy | Couples Counseling | Therapy | Chicago IL | Evanston ILFamily therapy seeks to support the healthy growth of cohesive ties within each unique family unit. The function of family therapy is to help provide a safe space for skill building and role negotiation. Managing divorce, marriage, disabilities, eating disorders, addiction, trauma, or various other needs involving behavioral modification are sometimes difficult for a family to handle without the aid of a trained therapist. Family therapy is meant to empower family members as they work together to identify and manage inevitable life transitions, daily stresses, and significant conflicts that are often reflective of individual family member frustrations. The impact of one family member not getting his or her needs met may effect the functioning of the family unit as a whole, therefore family therapy often serves as a helpful supplement to individual therapy, by helping family members to face any personal challenges that may arise within this work.

Group Therapy

Online Therapy | Couples Counseling | Therapy | Chicago IL | Evanston ILGroup Therapy offers an opportunity for clients to engage in a safe and nurturing environment that encourages collaborative feedback from their peers. In this form of therapy, clients that share common challenges in their everyday lives can help to support one another's growth within a therapeutic environment by mirroring each others journeys and sharing constructive tips toward self care. Group therapy can help clients to adapt to various social and emotional challenges in every day life such as managing personal triggers regarding addiction, anger, grief, and loss. Group therapy is built to aid clients in their development of conflict resolution, effective communication styles, and awareness of the self within group dynamics; it helps individuals to build meaningful therapeutic connections that often serve as examples for healthy choice making, relationship building, and emotional regulation.

Play Therapy

Online Therapy | Couples Counseling | Therapy | Chicago IL | Evanston ILIn Play Therapy, young children and sometimes adolescents are offered games, creative tasks, and other engaging activities during their therapy sessions in order to build a trusting relationship with their therapist. Play therapy offers a brief but often telling relay of a client’s history and important internal mechanisms, creating an accessible therapeutic window into the child’s mind. Play therapy can help to reveal a child’s communication deficits, struggles with regulatory behavioral patterns, as well as potential emotional and cognitive distresses. This type of intervention serves as a unique platform from which to acquire proficiency regarding behavioral management and mood regulation. By engaging the therapeutic process on his or her own terms, each child is invited to encounter a unique opportunity for self-exploration, expression, and skill building. Parents are often invited to participate in this process if needed.


Biofeedback is used to gain greater awareness and control of your physiology. Our biofeedback services aim to help reduce racing thoughts, bodily tension, and physical symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as increase mindfulness and relaxation. You will receive in the moment feedback regarding your galvanic skin response and heart rate while practicing relaxation exercises. Your treating therapist will tailor exercises to your specific needs and develop an individualized treatment plan to best serve your goals.


Psychological assessments aim to measure aspects of a client’s cognitive abilities, behavioral patterns, and emotional functioning. Testing helps to target any potential needs for therapy or school/work accommodations by establishing an appropriate psychological diagnosis; it also helps to coordinate care with your doctors or any other agency that may require your most up to date psychological information. A comprehensive evaluation can take anywhere between several hours to multiple days, depending upon the type of testing needed. Typically, a one-hour initial diagnostic interview is followed by a customized psychological evaluation on a separate day. After the evaluation has been completed, patients will be invited to participate in a feedback session along with their therapist in order to review the final results of their testing. At this time, the therapist and patient will discuss the therapist’s follow-up treatment plans or clinical recommendations along with the patient’s impressions of the test results. Testing services can help to facilitate a better sense of understanding between a client and his/her environment by revealing the client’s individual strengths and challenges more clearly. Additionally, psychological testing can create opportunities for a more streamlined approach to follow up services. GCBH offers neuropsychological, psychological and educational evaluations as well as diagnostic screenings to assess for:

  • Learning disorders
  • Academic achievement
  • Evaluation for mental retardation
  • Adaptive functioning
  • Personality characteristics
  • Developmental delays
  • Evaluation for Autism Spectrum Diagnosis
  • Issues regarding mood and anxiety
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Troubles with speech and communication
  • The effects of past traumatic events
  • A decline in cognitive abilities or memory loss
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
  • Challenges related to Traumatic Brain Injury
  • And much more…

GCBH offers testing and therapeutic services for several different presenting conditions across all ages; click here to read more. Most psychological testing is covered by health insurance providers. GCBH accepts most private insurance carriers and will work with you to secure all necessary benefits whenever possible. If your insurance company cannot cover the services that you need, GCBH will create a payment plan that is right for you. If you have already been previously tested, GCBH invites you to share your evaluation results with us so that we can better serve your testing needs. Feel free to call us at (847) 329-9210 for more information or to schedule your testing services.

Online Therapy - COMING SOON

Online Therapy | Couples Counseling | Therapy | Chicago IL | Evanston ILAt the Gersten Center for Behavioral Health, we know your time and energy are limited resources; that’s why we created an affordable, convenient, and easy to use online therapy service option that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room. When stress prevents you from managing pressures at work, maintaining your physical health, or balancing important personal relationships, the quality of your satisfaction and productivity from day to day can be compromised. Virtual therapy at GCBH can help you to meet your needs AND skip the commute to the therapy office altogether. If you are coping with a mobility-limiting disability or injury, are experiencing inflexible work hours, are caring for an individual that is dependent upon your attendance at home, or are simply caught off guard with in-climate weather, our clinicians are ready to help you secure convenient therapeutic support whenever and wherever you need it most.

Is online therapy the right choice for me?

Are you uncomfortable with waiting rooms? Do you have difficulty traveling? Are you struggling with relationships, your mood, anxiety, or other personal challenges but find yourself too busy, too restricted, or too embarrassed to come for an in-person therapy session? Do you feel that talking to a specialist about your problems can help you to understand and manage your current situation better? Then online therapy is the right choice for you!

How do I set up an online session?

Set up is easy! To setup an appointment with any of our highly qualified therapists, please click here. Make sure that your computer has video capability so that you and your therapist can see each other. Once you have met with your therapist for the first time, you can arrange for another meeting with him/her directly.

Will my therapy be confidential?

Absolutely. Our online services are 100% HIPAA compliant, which means that we offer completely confidential care that is approved by federal privacy standards for therapeutic intervention. Your video will not be recorded or archived, and your clinician will be meeting with you from a secure and private location.

How much does online therapy cost?

Insurance companies do not yet reimburse for online therapy. The cost is $95 per hour, which is $105 less than a typical in-office therapy session.

How often can I use online therapy services?

It all depends upon the therapy agreement that you have established with your clinician. Usually, online therapy mirrors face-to-face therapy services, so we recommend once a week on average. Online therapy can also serve as a supplemental to in-person therapy services whenever needed

Let GCBH offer you an effortless way to access superior quality services, so that you can return to your day feeling refreshed and supported. *Online therapy services are not targeted towards clients that are in crisis- please seek a crisis hotline or a nearby hospital emergency room immediately if you feel you or a loved one are facing an emergency..


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