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Montclare is a sister community of Galewood and Elmwood Park and is located on the northwest side of Chicago. Not to be confused with Montclair which is a Denver neighborhood. It also sometmes referred to as Mont Clare according to the Chamber of Commerce. Montclare was named for an East Coast town.

In 1873 Sayre Station was established, and was renamed Montclare in 1875. The Northwest Park District purchased land for the Bell Park in 1927 at the request of the Mont Clare Boosters Improvement Association, which hoped to raise land values in the surrounding neighborhood.

Nowadays, Montclare is very family-oriented and solidly middle-class.The neighborhood’s first priority is safety, in ways that are immediately noticeable.There are several speed bumps and traffic circles designed to safeguard Montclare residents.

Montclare is home to the Mont Clare Animal Hospital which provides Full Service Health Care & Quality Medicine for your pet. You will also find the Galewood-Mont Clare Public Library.

But what if you need help with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addictions, or eating disorders?

If you're in Montclare, arrange to meet a therapist at Gersten Center for Behavioral Health. They specialize in psychotherapy for:

A Licensed Clinical Psychologist Gersten Center for Behavioral Health, a psychology group has highly skilled psychologists that work with the full spectrum of populations and clinical disorders. The Psychologists provide therapy for children, teens, couples, families, and older adults. will help you when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, having relationship struggles, problems at work or school.

A Psychlogist can guide you to overcome problems with low self-esteem, anger and loss of control, marital or family problems.

Even if you experience loss of interest in usual activities, feelings of hopelessness or increased negative thinking they can help.

Find out if individual, couple, family or group therapy is right for you.

Their Melrose Park office is conveniently located
less than a fifteen minute drive from Montclare:

675 W. North Avenue,
Suite 306,
Melrose Park, Illinois 60160

In the Gottlieb Professional Building (across from Kiddie Land and the Race Track)

Phone: (847) 329-9210

relationship problems
Tel : 847.329.9210
Fax : 708.681.9280
Reasons for Seeking Psychotherapy:
Feeling overwhelmed or stressed
Relationship Problems
Relationship struggles
Problems at work or school
Low self-esteem
Increased anger and loss of control
Marital or family problems
Loss of interest in usual activities
Feeling of hopelessness
Increased negative thinking
Traumatic experiences
Sleep complaints
Excessive worrying
Suicidality or destructive behavior
Issues that interfere with daily life
Gersten Center
 help with depression, anxiety, relationship problems,addictions, or eating disorders
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