Parenting Questions? Benefit from a Free Parenting Session with Dr. Jeff Gersten

By admin
February 24, 2015

  Parenting can be daunting task. Whether you are expecting, a new parent or a seasoned vet, you can benefit from a FREE parenting session with founder of the Gersten Center for Behavioral Health, Dr. Jeffrey Gersten. As a parent of 9, with over 15 years of family-focused experience, a 30minute session with Dr. Gersten...  read more

Great Psychology Today Article - Waiting for Nothing: Loving Yourself on Valentine's Day

By admin
February 12, 2015

The Gersten Center would like to share a great article that may bring those of us who are single comfort this Valentine's Day. Written by Nancy Colier, a psychotherapist, interfaith minister, writer and public speaker, this article focuses on 'taking care of your own heart as a way of living.' Colier writes that "Self-love is not an act...  read more

Happy National Chocolate Day! Studies Show That Indulging 'Mindfully' Has Its Benefits

By editor
October 28, 2014
Happy National Chocolate Day

Giving in to that chocolate craving isn't the end of the world, but remember to enjoy all things in moderation. Many would agree that eating chocolate for its taste is incentive enough, but a recent Psychology Today article written by dietitian Susan McQuillan notes that "...indulging in sweet and fatty foods also triggers the release of endorphins, brain...  read more

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